My Zinger gets stuck when starting up a ramp.

This can happen if a ramp steeper than 7° has an abrupt start. What is happening is your small rear anti-tip wheels are contacting the ground as your Zinger enters the ramp, which will lift your large rear drive wheels off the ground causing your Zinger to loose the traction it needs to move you up the ramp. The answer is to select High Speed range and enter the ramp with a little more speed. This will carry you over the ramp entrance and on up the ramp.

My Zinger won't go over a door threshold or sidewalk bump.

The Zinger’s front tires are 6″ diameter which is common for mobility vehicles, but it’s much smaller than a bicycle wheel. A sizable abrupt bump, 1″ or more may present a real difficulty to crossing. When encountering such an obstacle, keep your weight back in the seat (don’t lean forward), select High Speed Range and use more downward force on the control levers to get over it. If the obstacle is 1.5″ or more, you’re probably best to get off and push the Zinger over the obstacle.

I can't fully install my battery.

If your battery does not drop in on the left side (key side), try giving it a pat with the top of your hand and it should drop right in.

I can't remove my battery.

You must turn the key in order to lift the battery out of the Zinger. See pg. 11 of the user manual.

All the lights on the right control panel blink when I turn the Zinger on.

If you have the variable speed trigger depressed when you turn the Zinger on, the lights will blink and the Zinger won’t go. Take your finger off the trigger until the lights stop blinking.

I find it difficult to modulate the speed in High using the Variable Speed Trigger.

Try bracing your first (pointer) finger on your second (middle) finger. This will help to stabilize your first finger while you use it to modulate the speed.

The following Tips are also found on page 28 of the user manual.

My Zinger does not turn On when I press the Power Button.

1. Press once, wait 3 seconds for the indicators to light, if they don’t press again and wait 3 seconds.
2. The Zinger will shut Off automatically after 10 minutes of nonuse. To turn back On, press the Power Button, wait three seconds, press it again. See Pg. 17 of your user manual Auto Shut Off.
3. After two weeks of nonuse your battery will go into SLEEP MODE. Plug the charger into the battery for 20 seconds. See Pg.10
4. If neither of the above works, try steps 1 and 3 below.

My Zinger shut off while I was riding.

1. Check that your battery is fully installed and locked in.
2. If climbing a hill or driving in grass, you may have tripped the circuit breaker. Press the Power Button, wait 3 seconds and press it again. If it does not come on, wait 30 seconds and try again.
3. Plug your battery into the charger until it is fully charged (charger light turns from red to green).

My Zinger won't switch out of Reverse Mode.

To switch from Reverse to Forward Mode you must press the R button again. Pressing the forward Speed Selection Button (turtle/rabbit) will NOT switch the Zinger out of Reverse Mode.

The control levers feel soft and spongy when I push or pull on them.

Check your tire pressure. It should be 40 PSI (2.8 BAR). Do not over inflate.

My Zinger does not steer straight.

If you are driving on a non-level surface, like the side of a crowned path or slanted sidewalk, your Zinger will tend to steer toward the low side. Try to find a level sidewalk to drive on. Avoid non-level surfaces when possible. See Pg. 8.

My Zinger does not turn or stop as quickly as usual.

1. Try using more force on the levers. If you are on a wet surface, reroute to a level dry paved surface.
2. If a tire is skidding on turns you are trying to turn too fast. Slow down in a straight line before entering the turn.
3. If you are descending a grade there is less weight on the back wheels so steering and braking will be compromised. Proceed slowly in a straight line until you are on level ground. Take all ramps straight on and avoid ramps steeper than a typical sidewalk ramp (5° or less), especially in wet conditions. If you are uncertain about the terrain, walk your Zinger by pushing on the Seat Back Bar. See Pg.8 of user manual.

My tires are wearing down.

1. See number 2 above; or you maybe skidding to stop. Keep your weight back in the seat and stop more gradually.
2. If you find rubber dust on the lower frame tubes, the drive rollers have been slipping on the tires. Hold the Control Levers down with more force. On carpeting or grass the levers must be pressed harder than on hard surfaces. Be certain your tires at inflated to 40 PSI. If you’re having trouble reaching the levers, consider adjusting them higher. See Pg. 24 of user manual.